Video Clips of Other Drunken Fist and Gong Fu


Various different styles and flavors of drunken fist from around the internet:


Updated Jun. 11, 2016


1. He Xian Gu Montage:


2. Cao Guo Jiu Montage:


8. Tie Guai Li Montage:



A short clip of Shifu Neil Ripski from western Canada, showing very admirable shen fa:  



Shifu Ripski teaching students his Ba Ying Quan theories of the Eight Drunken Immortals:


Ba Xian BaGua: Lan Cai He



A Tao Lu of Eight Drunken Immortals by Peng Hanping 彭韩萍 (RIP) in Taiwan:




Southern style Tao Lu:


Black Tiger Style Drunken form, relaxed:


More Black Tiger, done slowly:


Black Tiger Drunken:




Shifu Ripski in Israel:



9 Year Old doing acrobatic Zui Quan in Taiwan:





Someone sent this to me…not sure who this chap is, very acrobatic, exuding the springiness of youth.  I like the feeling of solitude his clip captures, working his own practice while the world carries on behind him, people walking by and kids playing, but he keeps training on his own, refining.   Hope all of your own training is going well.  




Some Eight Immortals Acrobatic performance wushu:


Ma Family Sick Fist



Drunken Applications by a Long Island Shaolin group:



Drunken Monkey


Drunk Ape Steals Peach:


Tai Sheng Kung Fu (drunken monkey)



Wu Dang Eight Immortals Training


Eight Immortals Sword (Jian)


Eight Immortals Stick







Other Relevant Gong Fu:


Lu Style XinYi LiuHe Quan: with English subtitles:


Taiwan's Luo DeXiu Five Elements Xing Yi Quan:






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