Phase 9.8 Combat: Li Tie Guai


 Updated Oct. 9, 2015

Phase Eight: Smashing Cups

Fire.  Li Gua on the BaGua circle.  


SMALL: Spitting Wine


One skill extrapolated from the small set of Li Tie Guai is the concept of zhui zhou (墜肘 dropping elbows), which is prevalent in TCMA.  Similar to basics in boxing, this is a blocking skill involving small movement, proper positioning of the torso and timing.  


Boxing: Defending against body shots:


Dropping energy of Li Tie Guai.  View from 0:31-0:33 and 0:35-0:37 :


Clinching work from Muay Thai:

Clinching to Elbows



Entries and drilling of Zuan Quan from Xing Yi (very Li Tie Guai-esque):


Elbows on the inner gate:





LARGE: Dragging Cups from the Table


Li Tie Guai is ruthless in his attacks, attempting to inflict heavy damage on an opponent.  His yao bai (搖擺 , rock and sway) energy is powered by the hips, which have developed tremendous strength if the nei gong sets have been trained correctly.  


This aspect of the training stage may seem counterintuitive: Initially, train with tremendous control and restraint, even softness.  Once you can execute proper application technique with minimal effort, the "ferocity" of this immortal can be unleashed.  All too often, students substitute speed and muscle for clean technique.  While this immortal's archetype appears wild and out of control, the opposite is in fact true: his whirlwind attacks and ruthless character are disguising high level skill.  


Judo Double Leg Takedown (morote gari 双手刈 ):





Dr. Markus Brinkman of a Gao Bagua lineage showing Kai/Gai (opening/covering) applications.  Li Tie Guai has similar approaches, using a tidal wave circular motion to crush down opponents, breaking their structure as they get caught up in the "wave" (forward-backward momentum, crashing down overtop), similar to the elliptical motion trained in the large set of this immortal.  



Wrestling snaps and clinch work (which complement many previously learned applications):


(explore collar ties to various attacks like elbow strikes, backfists, and hammerfists)



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