Phase 9.7 Combat: Zhang Guo Lao



Updated Oct. 16, 2015

Phase Seven: Stumbling Steps, Zhang Guo Lao

Water.  Kan Gua on the BaGua circle. 


SMALL: Coiling Drunken Stroll


Sweeps and Stepping from 3:23-4:18 have a strong Zhang Guo Lao flavor:



Shuai Jiao tripping attacks "Receiving Kick Throw" 5:06-5:26


Back leg sweep (similar to above):


Master Luo DeXiu doing a XingYi Rooster form, he demonstrates a quick foot technique with a strong example of splitting energy from 0:55-1:01

 Another quick clip from 0:41-0:44 :




**Judo reference for some sweeps:

Leg Sweeps: 


DeAshi Hari/Harai 出足払 :



Hiza Guruma 膝車 :


Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi 支釣込足 :



Foot sweeps:


Kouchi Gari 小内刈 :




Harai Tsurikomi Ashi


Lateral ankle sweep: 


Okuri ashi Harai/Barai 送足払 :






LARGE: Rapid Wind, Strong Willow


Judo Reference: Tomoe Nage:



Judo Reference: Uchi Mata 内股:



Judo Reference: Ashi Guruma 足車:



Judo Reference: O Guruma:



Judo Reference: Osoto Gari 小外刈:




Hip driven power: The Superman Punch:


Muay Thai Fake Setups:



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