Phase 9.6 Combat: Lu Dong Bin


 Updated Aug. 9, 2015

Phase Six: Immortal Sword Hand, Lu Dong Bin

Lake.  Dui Gua of the BaGua circle. 


Physical "listening" skills, filing, and refinement of distance/timing/pressure are components to a drunken Lu Dong Bin archetype.  This is the slightly tipsy drunk, achieving balance between tension and relaxation for applications.  This is seen in the pinning of limbs to control the opponent, thereby limiting his options and opening up pathways for your own.  There's simplicity of movement (economy of motion) and accuracy of execution, which in turn yields opposite qualities in the adversary (complex reactions and escapes, sloppiness in order to recover).  


SMALL: Filing Hands


The pinning of limbs leads to further attacks and setups, increasing your options and allowing you to limit and predict the opponent's.  



**XingYi Quan pinning Limbs:





LARGE: Drunken Immortal Points the Way



Proper distance, timing, pressure and angles are necessary for correct execution of these attacks.


Standing head and arm choke (shirts optional):



Standing Arm Triangle:


Stephan Kesting (Submission Grappling/BJJ): brabo and anaconda choke analysis:




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