Phase 9.4 Combat: Han Xiang Zi


 Updated  Aug. 9, 2015

Phase Four: Balancing Stones, Han Xiang Zi

Wind.  Xun Gua on the BaGua circle.  


SMALL: Drunken Han Plays Flute


Hand strength and conditioning is imperative for Han Xiang Zi applications, many of which involve gripping and controlling for proper Qin Na.  Han Xiang Zi leads the opponent like a musical piper, gaining tide of battle via manipulation (qin na) or overwhelming with unpredictability (combinations, height/distance/pressure changes, etc.).  



Grip Strength in Sand.  For longevity and safer practice, we recommend using Mung Beans rather than sand:


Phoenix Eye Fist technique demonstrated by a Bak Mei Practitioner:


Various Qin Na attacks:



Gao style YiZong BaGua.  Luo Laoshi showing various applications and locks 0:00-0:45


“Dai” or "Carrying" applications from Yin Style Bagua 


Other "dai" applications (theory of Direction Changes at 1:10):




LARGE: Urging Wine


Basic boxing reminder regarding predictability and single linear attacks:





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