Phase 9.3 Combat: Zhong Li Quan


Updated Aug. 16, 2015 

Phase Three: Drunken Spirals, Zhong Li Quan

Thunder.  Zhen Gua on the BaGua circle.  


SMALL: Pouring Spiraling Wine


The snake-like power and fluidity of Han Zhong Li players is a quality that translates into many useful martial skills.  It allows you to find and fill gaps the opponent leaves in his defenses, change trajectories and angles with strikes, wrap limbs, and adjust pressure according to need.  The twisting and spiraling is always connected to a solid, malleable core.  



**Spiraling Hands: Bagua Push Hands, Rou Shou


Bagua sticking hands applications:



**Gao Bagua SanShou (Dr. Markus Brinkman):


Master Luo DeXiu, spiraling and applications, quick clip from 0:07-0:12 :


**Pummeling and Positioning Drills:




**XingYi Horse:  Spiral Bridging/Entries from 2:10-2:30



Muay Thai Minute: Elbow from the Clinch:



Shuai Jiao (aka shuai chiao) 





Shuai Jiao Instructional:


"Upper Handle Wipe" 3:10


"Lower Handle Wipe" 3:47


"Lower Handle Wipe" Shuan



Wrestling Instruction: Tie Ups and Attacking the Head:



LARGE: Downwards Spiral


Master Luo DeXiu demonstrating a "Snake Throw" from the YiZong (Gao) style Bagua system.  Grainy footage, but watch how he inserts his right hand onto the opponent's right hip (spiraling into him), and then transferring that spiraling energy into the opponent's body to create massive energy, which when channelled appropriately, results in a throw.  



Harmonious Hands (5:30)


Fireman's Carry Resources:


Fireman's Carry Variant:



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