Phase 9.2 Combat: Cao Guo Jiu


 Updated Nov. 20, 2015

Phase Two: Drink From the Jar, Cao Guo Jiu

Mountain.  Gen Gua on the BaGua circle.  


SMALL: Small Shifting


Cao Guo Jiu has a solid internal structure which translates as power, albeit power that is transmitted via accurate angles and pressure rather than brute force.  His clinches are heavy, connected and deliberate and his strikes are solid and penetrating.  The latter are used to correctly set up the former.  


The following are some common orthodox methods that translate well once "drunkified" and used by the Cao Guo Jiu archetype.  


Some Bridging, Entries and Clinches similar to the Cao Guo Jiu archetype are seen at 2:58-3:23:



**Hiza Guruma


Foot Sweep: Cuo Wo



Bagua: Tiger throw



Muay Thai: How to Check Leg Kicks and Body Kicks:



LARGE: Large Drink


Wrestling Takedown: double-inside duck-under



High Duck to Bear Hug Takedown



Chinese Shuai Jiao Documentary (in Mandarin Chinese)




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