Phase 9.1 Combat / He Xian Gu


Updated Aug. 22, 2015

Earth.  Kun Gua on the BaGua circle.  


Combat Training. 

The character "jiu3" for wine/alcohol is a combination of the three dot "water" radical on the left (used in words to denote "liquid") along with the "wine" component on the right, which is the tenth earthly branch radical.  The latter is a picture of a wine jug, with the horizontal stroke inside as a representation of liquid contained therein.  As with all Chinese writing, characters must be written in the proper stroke order, direction and ratio in order to be correct.  


Gong Fu training is exactly the same way: it must be trained properly, in the correct order.  We must understand the components that make up the whole, and be able to manifest each part distinctly.  Before jumping ahead to more complex character writing or martial training, the foundational components must be solid.  


There are reasons the word "wine" is used to denote our ninth, combative category.  


We all put tremendous effort into our martial arts training and want to achieve the best results.  The secret is steeping slowly, striving for "correctness".  Having worked through the training nei gong sets, the body should more easily manifest the correct energies required for combat applications.  


As stated in "The Path of Drunken Boxing", the uses displayed in this section are simply surrogates, as many of us lack direct access to a real Drunken Fist teacher.  Until the day comes that you can find a Drunken Master to directly impart knowledge, explore the energies of each of these fighting techniques, keeping them framed within the context of our Eight Drunken Immortals sets.  


(Contributions are welcomed.  If you find other video examples of these techniques in the vast seas of the internet, send them to and we'll include them as a resource for all of us to learn from.  It's been surprisingly hard to find solid examples of many of these techniques, so keep checking back, and we'll update with better demos as we find them.)


Phase One: Toast the Moon, Lady He Xian Gu


SMALL: Drunkard Toasts the Moon


**XingYi Monkey (similar to He Xian Gu entries: compact, tight, on the outer gate):


Various techniques similar to Lady He Xian Gu entries/applications (watch 0:16-0:22, 0:24-0:28, 0:33-0:39):


Pi Quan entry (called Chang or Cang in this clip, Dr. Markus Brinkman, Gao Bagua).  Watch from 0:18-0:26 how he enters on the outside gate of the opponent:


Quick Lady He type of entry/attack at 0:14-0:20 (outer gate, percussive) :



**Basic Pi Quan Entries: 0:36 start


Basic Elbow Blocks:


Muay Thai Elbow work:


Limb destruction:


Shoulder checks: (3:17)




LARGE: Large Toast to the Moon



Bridges, Entries and Arm Drags in Bagua Zhang (Lady He methods: watch at 0:50-2:47.  Excellent He Xian Gu dynamic)


Arm Drag Drills

Arm Drag Analysis:


Muay Thai Arm Drag to Elbow:




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