Phase 8- Smashing Cups- Li Tie Guai


Li Tie Guai's Wiki Page

(Updated Oct. 23, 2015)


The "cripple" Li Tie Guai is depicted with his crutch and carrying a wine gourd, he trains the committed and ruthless power of the eight immortals.  



Tie Guai Li Montage (both small and large phases plus fighting):


Phase 8: SMALL Spitting Wine 


Shifu Ripski from Canada demonstrating "Spitting Wine" from his Ba Ying Zui Quan Yi Lu.  


As one of the core skills and energies of drunken fist training, the "spitting wine" move or those similar to it are found in other combative zui quan systems.  By this point in the training, the spinal alignment and structure should be somewhat second nature, allowing the player to focus on other subtleties such as spirals, alignments and timing.  



Phase 8: LARGE Dragging Cups From the Table


If sinking into the hips doesn't feel loose enough, go slow and stretch out the kua.  Once the body mechanics are sound, timing is the next step.  


The vertical spinal wave of this set is similar to that of 5.4 (Lan Cai He), but driven from the hips in a low stance.  


Shifu Ripski showing vertical spinal waves:




Li Tie Guai's Wikipedia Page


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