Phase 7- Stumbling Steps- Zhang Guo Lao


Zhang Guo Lao's Wiki page

(Updated Aug 3, 2015)


Zhang Guo Lao with his fish drum, riding his donkey, represents the requisite leg work for our drunken style, developing sturdy legs which appear wobbly.  


Phase 7: SMALL Coiling Drunken Stroll


See 4:08-4:10 on the left side of the screen for a similar body posture as used in the small set.  Avoid crossing the center line as this guy does, and focus on far better stability.  We can forgive the bad haircut, but can't overlook wobbly legs and collapsed structure:




Phase 7: LARGE Rapid Wind, Strong Willow


The forward bend portion of the large set has similar aspects to what is known as "warrior 3 pose" in Indian yoga:



(We add our arm and cup fist transitions and placements, and include this posture as part of our forward and backward movements).  




Warmup exercise for the above:





Zhang Guo Lao's Wikipedia page



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