Phase 4- Balancing Stones- Han Xiang Zi


Han Xiang Zi's Wiki page 

(Updated  Aug. 8, 2015)

Drunken Han and his flute.  Qin Na.  Hand Conditioning.  Proper utilization of the waist is very obvious in these sets, so the practitioner should be very cognizant of which section of the spine is being employed.  The warm up qigong alone is very useful and should not be overlooked.  Be sure to keep the spine tractioned by proper engagement of the baihui point at the top of the head to prevent undue structural lapses.  


WARM-UP: Turtle Breath Qi Gong:


Essential body  and waist warm-up, as described in Phase 4 of the book.  The practitioner in this clip demonstrates the qi gong as it should be trained by Drunken Fist players as well:


Another variation.  We avoid the bouncing, but have the same contact points on the body:



Hand Conditioning:


Phoenix Eye Fist Strikes (Bak Mei practitioner):


Phoenix Eye Fist Push-ups (Karate practitioner) from 4:00:




Han Xiang Zi's wikipedia page


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