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Updated Aug. 8, 2015



First of all, nothing is good if taken every day except water. We are evolved to have a varied diet. There is no one supplement that is good every single day. Just as your training should go through cycles so should your diet match it.

Some old Chinese ways are:

  • more proteins/red meat when adding muscular strength

  • more tendon or liver when changing sinews

  • more calcium/bone marrow when strengthening bones

  • pungent/spicy flavours in the autumn to strengthen the lung and wei qi

  • salty in the winter to strengthen kidneys

  • sour in the spring to strengthen sinews/liver

  • bitter in the summer to astringe sweat and aid the heart

  • at all times a base of full sweet (simple starches) like rice or noodles for the spleen

A classic Gongfu way of doing this is congee for breakfast with the appropriate meat/flavour added as the seasons change. As always, the more kinds of veggies the better as they are your best source of vitamins. So curries and rice is another great diet for the martial artist, especially in the fall.


--By Professor Kevin Wallbridge, Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor






Another valuable resource is the book Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition by Paul Pitchford.  A copy can be found online HERE.


The version I bought a few decades ago has served well as a reference consistently.  Quite dense in the volume of information presented, it's one tool to help shed light on the connection between health and diet.  




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