External Conditioning


外功 External Conditioning Exercises 

(updated Aug 3, 2015)




Finger Extensions (often neglected by people):



Various finger drills montage:


Hands in sand (we recommend rather than sand, use BEANS):


Similar to above, various rice grabbing drills.  Good enough for the pros:


Finger lateral squeezes (no need for a fancy device, use putty):


Therapy Balls (for down time, TV time, etc.):



Push Up Finger Extensions (work up to these: slowly, carefully):


Push-Up Fingertip countdown







Cup Fist push-ups (work up to this to avoid damage.  Train intelligently):




In our practice we have a similar setup we call the "Qin Na Device".  We'll use a longer dowel and do various forearm, wrist and spiral grip exercises.  With one end of the shaft placed against a ledge or low wall,  you can focus on one hand at a time as well.




Various Conditioning Drills:


Solo Iron Body Drills (Shifu Ripski from Canada):



Fu Hu Gong:





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