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This is the starting point.  

(Updated Jan. 14, 2016)


The terms and concepts below are a necessary foundation for developing deeper understanding of Chinese martial arts, as well as strong/functional drunken fist gong fu.  Explore, research, understand.  


Wikipedia offers a highly accessible starting point for research on topics related to our martial arts culture.  There is infinite depth to each of the topics presented below, and we encourage you to continually take your studies to deeper levels.  The following list includes many terms directly from the book 'The Path of Drunken Boxing', as well as others that are relevant anatomically, culturally, historically, medically and martially.  



Wikipedia Glossary


Clinch Fighting (Clinching)


Dao De Jing

Dao Yin/Tao Yin also see (


Phoenix (Phoenix)

Qin Na;_god%22%29


Wai Jia

Zhong Yi (Traditional Chinese Medicine: TCM)


Boxing Articles:

Mastering the Three Initiatives (Boxing)


Other Ba Xian Resources:


Stories and Myths of Eight Immortals


Godchecker website on the Eight Immortals


Nationsonline page on the Eight Immortals


The Eight Immortals by Perceval Yetts


Arts of the Sung and Yüan: Papers Prepared for an International Symposium


Kite Maker's stories of each Immortal


Encyclopedia Mythica: Chinese Mythology


Chinese Mythology A to Z: Eight Immortals




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