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(Updated  Jan 14, 2016)


As we transition into a new year, we hope your training is going well!  The content we currently have catalogued here continues to grow, and we welcome both submissions and feedback.  While many of the YouTube clips in our archives are not specific to Drunken Boxing, we've tried to find the best representations of the skills we aim to develop in our own Zui Quan practice.  


We hope that you'll take the time to send us video clips of your training, and we'll do our best to keep you on the fastest path to true drunken boxing skills!  The more you contribute, the more you'll glean from your zui quan training.  For those who wish to keep their footage private yet still receive feedback, add a comment to your submissions to that effect.  >>  drunkenyoga@gmail.com 


Over time, we hope to accumulate a wealth of knowledge pertaining to drunken style, creating a database for learning and betterment.  We look forward to our interactions, learning and training together.  


Be sure to check out our social media pages as well:





We recommend starting with the Wikipedia glossary to become familiar with any unknown terms and concepts, and then work sequentially through the sets, starting with the first phase of He Xian Gu.  


Thank you for investing in yourself and keeping traditional arts like drunken fist alive and living!  Train hard, train honestly, train humbly.


Drunken Yoga 



*Thus far, most video submissions have requested to remain private, so in the meantime, we've found various video resources from around the web with valuable information to assist in your training, and will continue to give feedback and suggestions to any zui quan practitioners who send footage to us.  


(**a note on blog posting dates: due to a glitch in the blog itself, dates are input in a way to keep posts in a specific ascending order (from 1-8, etc), and don't actually indicate time of posting/updating)



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