Phase 3- Drunken Spirals- Zhong Li Quan


Zhong Li Quan's Wiki page

(Updated Jan. 14, 2016)


Zhong Li Quan is commonly pictured with a feather fan, and his set works on spirals throughout the body, a skillset that carries over to multiple other applications and body methods.  


Be sure the extensions and spirals towards and away from the body are driven by dantian and entire body connection, down into the feet as well.  Keep the shoulders sunken and relaxed, avoiding a disconnect while extending or retracting.  Breathe steadily and purposefully to help engage and power the motions and fluidity.   


Zhong Li Quan Montage (both small and large phases, plus fighting):



Phase 3: SMALL Pouring Spiraling Wine


Pivot Points in your Spiral Training: Extremely important (watch 0:31-1:52, specifically for spirals, the rest for other valuable information):



Here is a xingyi jibengong set which has waist twisting and arm spiraling.  While in their practice they have a wider stance and turn the body all the way towards the back, we execute similar arm spirals at a 45 degree angle towards the FRONT.  Also different is the non-spiraling hand, which our set keeps in front of the lower dan tian (Step A of the small set in the book), or engaged in its own spiral (Step B): 




Step C contains "tending the bar" (or "wiping the table"), which is described by Shifu Ripski in this video at 2:57-3:19:


Step D is a combination of steps C and A above.  





The practice of "rou shou" (soft hands) as found in Ba Gua Zhang is a perfect training method for this:

 (*see the Zhong Li Quan 9.3 Combat section for more applications of this drill)




Phase 3: LARGE Downwards Spiral


A good example of both arm spiraling and body overturning is Luo De Xiu from Taiwan demonstrating a snake form from ba gua zhang (watch from 0:13-0:17, and 0:19-0:22)



Our initial 'hold the barrel' setup is different, but the shenfa or body method is almost exact for the spiral and body overturn.  


Bagua zhang is renowned for its spirals, and therefore a good reference.  Here is another Gao style BaGua teacher showing spiraling and body connection:



Other Training:


"Teacups" excercises from Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang, Tong Bei Quan, etc. focus on spirals while maintaining body connection.  Playing around with these dynamics is also time well spent.


TEACUPS drills




Part 2:





Zhong Li Quan's wikipedia page



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