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drunken boxing, drunken yoga, drunken kung fu

Welcome!  We’re a small, independent group interested in the propagation and understanding of traditional martial systems such as DRUNKEN FIST (drunken boxing) and the DRUNKEN EIGHT IMMORTALS (drunken yoga).  Any proceeds from our self-publishing of this book are planned to be used for similar future projects.  We thank you for your purchase and contribution to the history, culture, and continuation of these traditional practices. 


"The Path of Drunken Boxing" Zui Quan manual (8.5 x 11)

"The Path of Drunken Boxing Pocketbook" (6 x 9 version)

"Drinking from the Gourd"


This is a 190+ page book based upon Eight Drunken Immortals Gong Fu, and is a “must-read” for anyone interested in this rare Chinese system.  It specifically covers the internal aspects of drunken qi gong, nei gong (drunkard’s yoga) and each immortal’s respective archetypal energies (for both internal work and combat).  The text describes theory, external training methods, internal cultivation practices, and is completed by explaining the combat methods and strategies of each of the Eight Immortals. 


This softcover book is 8.5” x 11” (“coffee table book” size), with dozens of clear images explaining the methodology.  Get in CONTACT with us if you have any questions, and show dedicated effort in the training.  Start your training now!

These sets are not the tao lu or "forms" like you'll find in other drunken fist kung fu/gong fu schools. The drunken Qi Gong sets of this practice are designed to strengthen, lengthen, and condition the body both internally and externally in preparation for even more advanced martial practice.  While other kung fu styles offer just another form to learn, these drunken yoga sets teach the essence of what is required for mastery of zui quan's body methods.  


Regardless of your training goals and focus (be it health, meditation, breath control, strengthening, combat, longevity), there is truly a lifetime of study within the gong fu presented in this book.  

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As any student embarks upon a true martial arts path, the body, the vessel, has to be conditioned and strengthened to endure the rigors of the training methods.  Stance training, drills, iron body work, and to no lesser a degree, mental and emotional drive, all have to be tempered to withstand the hardships of the path, and thus become able to possess true gong fu skill.


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